The 3 Arsenal  players I love most

The 3 Arsenal players I love most

Now this list may seem controversial as I’m not judging this on ability, this is a list of players that I’ve seen in my young Gooners life. My list doesn’t include any invincibles as I didn’t get the pleasure of witnessing them (seeing as I was around 3 or 4 and more focused on Clifford the Big Red Dog than Thierry Henry).

1. Francis Coquelin

Now Gooners (and other Prem viewers and France’s National Team) do not give Coquelin enough credit for what he does. Coquelin is for me the best defensive mid (along with Kante) in the Prem. People say Mesut is the biggest addition to the squad in recent years but I will remind Gooners of the latter half of  our dying 2014/15 season. After some poor results Coquelin came and changed the game. He stomped out any opposition that stood in his way. His athleticism, tackling and passion will make him (if always starting) an Arsenal legend by the end of his career.

2. Hector Bellerin

Another future legend in the making, Bellerin was the start of the revitalisation of Arsenal’s academy. Following Arsene’s debut of fire by starting him against Dortmund, Bellerin has done nothing but impress so far. Taking the RB spot off Debuchy, a french international, he is proceeding to become one of the best full backs in the world. But it’s not this I love about him, it’s his devotion to Arsenal. Barca have been trying to snag Hector for a while and he has refused them every time, in public too. We’ve seen him talking to fans like their his mates and play COD like an MLG pro. He’s just a normal lad that loves Arsenal. He’s a down to earth guys who always has a smile on his face and I hope he stays forever (and his accent is amazing  XD).

3. Andrey Arshavin

This player was the first player that I truly fell in love with. The Russian Maestro was bought around the same time my interest in Arsenal began to peak and he didn’t disappoint my new found expectations. His fantastic dribbling, technical brilliance and cracker of a shot, for me he was in the same vein as Alexis Sanchez at his best. Unfortunately his mis-positioning and lack of consistency let him down in the end and he left Arsenal in, for me, a sad light. Whilst Arshavin won’t be seen in the same light as Alexis, Ozil (or Bellerin?), when I look back I’ll remember him for his individual excellence in a poor Arsenal side that made me love football and The Arsenal (just ask Liverpool fans about how good Arshavin could be).

Thanks for reading,

A Young Gunner



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