What’s up with Alex Iwobi?

What’s up with Alex Iwobi?

Arsenal have an exceptional talent on their hands and I believe that he and Hector Bellerin are the start of our academy successfully pumping out talent once again, but Iwobi has reached his first hurdle…

I’ve said it once already but Iwobi is NOT a winger (not like the Ox or Theo anyway) because that’s not his style. Mesut compared Alex to his uncle, Jay Jay Okocha and Edgar David. Both midfielders with excellent ball control and passing, right? Not lightning quick wingers that took on players at every opportunity. We all remember how we felt when we watch Ozil on the left being, frankly, wasted out there instead of getting in on the action.

After the match we all kept saying ‘Iwobi was poor’, ‘Iwobi isn’t good enough’ and ‘He looked unsure of himself’ and all that talk. NUMERO UNO (I don’t why I went Spanish but I did), Alex is 20 going on 21, he’s got time to improve on aspects of his game like his composure when shooting (as we saw on Sunday) or his defensive duties. My second point is when you put a creator anywhere that isn’t central you’re limiting that players abilities to affect a game. However, Mesut will not be displaced from the No.10 role because there is no one better in the world than Mesut there. This means Iwobi’s chances are basically none in probably his best position.

So what’s the plan with Iwobi? He’ll have to be a substitute, unfortunately. Iwobi will get the opportunities for sure but it’s only because team isn’t playing in a way that can support his style on the wing at the moment. But Walcott and Chamberlain (and even Ramsey) shouldn’t feel safe if this does happen. Iwobi could completely prove me wrong and become a more dynamic and clinical finisher when his opportunity comes about like against Barca and Lyon before that. Iwobi may be down but certainly ain’t out and I’m sure he’ll come back in a vain of form like at the start of the season, when ready.


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