Who should Arsenal go for in the Summer

Who should Arsenal go for in the Summer

Now I now we haven’t even got to January window yet but I don’t imagine Wenger will buy with our already competitive squad. Also, the Summer window gives more options to us to choose from realistically.

So without further ado these are my top Summer targets…

1. Kieran Tierney

A fantastic young talent from Scotland he would become the perfect pacey counterpart to Hector Bellerin for the next 10 years. After much research (YouTube) I can tell Tierney is a capable defend as well as speed merchant and shows a lot of energy in his play going up or down the pitch. In a more artificial positive, he also adds to the British core who (apart from Walcott) haven’t been getting near the starting XI. Tierney coming from a lesser side (arguably, yes I know) will allow him to be patient but also give him a good chance of getting in over 28 and 31 year olds.

2. Alexandre Lacazette

People will say Greizmann, people will say Aubameyang, I say Alexandre Lacazette. All of our other dream targets are just that, a dream. Griezmann loves Atletico and wants to stay plus it is in all honesty a bigger club than us. Aubameyang was already of the mark when says ‘his grandad’s last words were for him to play for Real Madrid’. Lacazette will be entering his peak and spending it at Lyon I believe would be a waste for his career. Moving to big club like Arsenal would be great for him and us. As great as Sanchez has been having an out and out No.9 is different with the movement, clinical finishing and presence in the box. His great goal scoring record says enough about his abilities and him Sanchez, Ozil is a truly world class that is challenging for the league and possibly in the Champions League.

3. Serge Gnabry

When thinking on who I’d buy it took me a while to think of a third. Then I remembered the Olympics and the one player I came to watch but never saw play at Arsenal, Serge Gnabry. It’s so sad to think that Serge wouldn’t get a chance and we have witnessed the equally talented Alex Iwobi. We’ve seen what Serge is capable of at Bremen scoring wonder strikes already like he was born to. We’ve seen him at the Olympics, Arsenal reserves and even seniors. The simple fact is…WE WANT SERGE GNABRY BACK.







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