My top 3 candidates for replacing Alexis Sanchez

To be honest this is a stupid statement as most Gooners know that Alexis is virtually irreplaceable yet with contract talks stalling majorly due to wages we have to have back up plans in place.

1. Antoine Griezmann

If your gonna replace Sanchez you need to replace him with someone of his quality and Griezmann is just that. Coming off winning the Euro 2016 player of the tournament and La Liga player of the year Griezmann has become a hot commodity for the big clubs world wide. We know that he’ll either stay at Atletico or move to the Prem due to his preference of La Liga and playing with Pogba or Ozil. Griezmann has all the qualities of a top class striker: pace, movement, dribbling and finishing are all in his repertoire. All I hope is he and Sanchez will be playing together next season.

2. Alexandre Lacazette

I believe if he was playing in a better team he would be starting in France’s national team ahead of Griezmann. 2 seasons ago he became top scorer ahead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 29 league goals which prove he has quality. But what makes it more impressive is that he players for Lyon and not PSG or Atletico like Griezmann and yet with no other true top quality talent (bar perhaps Nabil Fekir) and still holds very similar quality (but not quite at the same level) to Griezmann.

3. Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbos

Now this one is very risky but could really pay off in the long term. Gabigol, as he was known in his Santos days, is the best talent the Brazilian side has produced since Neymar and his performances in Brazil were showing why. He has the pace, dribbling and shooting ability to perform at the top and with the added Brazilian flair it’s no wonder he recently got a move to Inter. Things aren’t going to well for him there with him getting next to no minutes there and a move as soon as January is possible according to his agent. So should we take the plunge and sign him up for a much cheaper price than Griezmann?

Only Arsene knows.


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