Avoiding the New Year Slump: An Arsenal Guide to Success

Avoiding the New Year Slump: An Arsenal Guide to Success

1. More than one creative genius in the team

Mesut Ozil is one of the most talented players in the world.

End of story.

Yet the amount of stick the guy gets from his own fans is incredible. People on all social media are calling for him to be dropped or leave the club entirely (which is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard Arsenal fans say in a long time and we say some stupid stuff). The reason I believe Ozil form has dropped is because there are no other players in the squad as creatively gifted as him, bar one man. Santiago Cazorla. Without a secondary (or even tertiary) back up of footballing wizardry in a XI all opposition need to do is make Mesut ‘Disappear’ and all we have left is a bit of Alexis spontaneity to hope for. I mean look at the top clubs wizarding pairs: Rakitic & Iniesta, Modric and Kroos, Thiago and Vidal, Verratti and Di Maria…do you see where I’m going with this?

This was one of the reasons I was an advocate for Draxler as he could’ve lifted the burden a little off Mesut shoulders with his ability to create for others. But PSG came calling so it isn’t to be now.

2. Hard Workers and Pressure

I watch the large majority of Arsenal games whenever I can and there is something key I noticed when watching the games vs Everton and City. I noticed that the lack of midfield fight was astounding during both second halves. Bar Sanchez and Coquelin, everyone (though most notably the Midfield) just sat back waiting to be attacked and attacked we were. Mesut wasn’t jockeying effectively, Xhaka looked lost. While Xhaka and Mesut are more talented, Coquelin comes off best for notable effort during games every time he plays. This makes me wish Campbell was here to add some work rate and unpredictablity in just as effectively as last but since Joel has seemingly done a ‘Jeremy Clarkson’ or something he has been frozen out completely. Wilshere would definitely add fire but if we’re looking realistically Bournemouth is good for him right now and hopefully Arsenal in the future with all the minutes of football he is getting. We are lucky we have Alexis Sanchez at the moment and Danny Welbeck coming back soon, both of whom are work horses that instill energy in our squad because we need it very much at the moment and for the duration of the season.

3. Wenger needs to be more tactically flexible

Wenger in the right games is world class.

Wenger in the wrong games is spectacularly poor.

Now when I say the right games I mean when all our players are given space to move and do creatively as they will with a poor defence. The wrong games are either when our players are pressured on the ball or when the bus is parked against. Seriously if every team picked up on that we’d be mid-table for sure and Wenger has given me no reason to think that he has a Plan B. I don’t mean going from ‘Sanchez to Giroud’ I mean going from ‘possession to counter attacking or long ball or parking the bus’ and so on and so on. Without this we get figured by all sorts of teams from West Brom  last game to Man City before that and Bayern last year. If Wenger doesn’t manage to fix this problem he has had for the last 10 years and doesn’t make a great attempt at a title this will be his last season and another failure for Arsenal FC.



With this advice I hope Arsenal can start performing like Champions again like at the start of the season and beat a fantastic Chelsea to a the title.



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