3 ways we could play 3 at the back at Arsenal

3 ways we could play 3 at the back at Arsenal

Now here is my poor logic as to why we should switch to 3 at the back. Remember the Chelsea game (not THAT one, the one before that) where we completely dominated them and only won 3-0. Chelsea with same team switched to 3 at the back and have won the league in February.

So why don’t we switch to the back 3 as well and see what happens?

I’m here to look at 3 different styles of three at the back and see which would fit us best



Welbeck           Walcott

Gibbs    Xhaka   Elneny    Bellerin

Koscielny  Mustafi  Gabriel


Now Cech is world class and will be a mainstay in this team, as will Mustafi and Koscielny. Gabriel on the right side probably makes one of the most athletic centre back trios in football at the moment. Bellerin and Gibbs as wing backs that are both capable of blazing the  wings and tracking back. I choose Xhaka and Elneny for 2 reasons, in Chelsea’s side they play 2 DMs in the middle two and also because the partnership is very exciting in a defensive aspect. Granit Xhaka as a physical Regista needs ball winner to get him the ball and if any player plays for 2 it’s Elneny. Ramsey would get in but is positional ill discipline is too much of a liability. Our front 3 is ridiculously quick with Walcott showing and eye for poaching goals with 14 goals this season and Welbeck providing new life into our starting lineup  with talismanic Alexis leading the line. Unlucky Lucas.


Welbeck         Alexis

Gibbs Ozil Xhaka The Ox  Bellerin

Koscielny Mustafi Gabriel


The defence and wing backs stay the same but this time we have a 3 man midfield. Since the Southampton game I’ve been convinced a 3 man midfield is the way. Xhaka as a physical, deep lying midfielder spraying balls out with a technical genius that is Mesut Ozil acting as our Iniesta along with Chamberlain where he can finally fulfill his potential as a speedy yet technically elegant midfielder. The front two, Welbeck and Alexis, would be a perfect partnership with Alexis’s tricky yet creative and clinical style with Welbeck’s physical and speedy style plus their incredible workrate would make them deadly pairing.

The Crazy One



Welbeck Ozil Xhaka The Ox Bellerin


Koscielny              Mustafi


Now this one is very different one. Of course Cech, Koscielny and Mustafi keep their places but Coquelin enters as centre back-DM who acts like David Luiz and is given freedom to move between the defence and midfield. Welbeck, with Bellerin, will act as a wing back with his physicality and speed making it hard for even the best full backs keep up with him. Ozil, Xhaka and the Ox act as a midfield 3 like before but Ramsey is given a free role at CAM. Just like for Wales his work rate will pressure defenders and keep him running the full 90 with Alexis as the striking outlet.

So my favourite formation was 3-5-2. Our athletic back 3, Barca esque midfield trio, touchline burning wingbacks, and hardworking striker duo make it a formidable team to play. Though we could play any of the other ways as well but I doubt Wenger will change his ways now (or possibly ever).

We can only dream.


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