Who can replace our ‘Irreplaceables’

Who can replace our ‘Irreplaceables’

With Kolasinac done and Lacazette close, the summer buys look very good. However, our potential sales look devistating for the club with Bellerin, Chamberlain, Ozil and Sanchez all linked with moves away. Our team will be severely crippled but I’ve already conjured up some replacements to be considered.


Riyad Mahrez for Alexis Sanchez

Lets start with the big one being Alexis and his potential move to Man City (sigh…). He contributed 24 goals and 10 assists making him the unofficial ‘King of Arsenal’ this past season and a possible Devi staying loss. Therefore picking the the former PFA Player of the Year isn’t to bad a shout to replace our king with another. Though Riyad’s last season wasn’t great, his talent is still apparent in a his play. His quick play, flair, skill and general attacking output is very all rounded. His PoS year holds up well with Sanchez this year, even his overall rating is 0.05 higher than Sanchez (whoscored). Mahrez was better defensively in terms of tackles, interceptions and No. fouls. Offensively Sanchez wins out with 24 goals and 10 assists to Mahrez’s 17 goals and 11 assists but Mahrez made more dribbles and was less dispossessed than Sanchez. If Riyad comes to Arsenal in his title winning form the trade off will be worth it.


Ozil for Carvalho

Now hear me out, Carvalho is the not the Ozil replacement but Ramsey is. Ramsey in Euro 16 was excellent with 1 goal and 4 assists in 5 games. This was all because he has complete freedom in the Wales formation. Arsenal’s 3 at the back does give Ramsey more freedom in a central role but if given complete attacking freedom we would reap the benefits heavily. With that Carvahlo would replace Ramsey’s central spot to pair up with Xhaka. William has been a target for years and at 25 will be heading into his peak. At 6 foot 1 and at nearly 14 stone, Will is a big lad and his numbers defensive price he puts it to good use with him averaging 3.3 tackles and interception in Liga Nos. But that’s not all to his game, he also averages 1.1 dribbles per game as a defensive midfielder and is dispossessed or does a bad control less than once a game showing he can push forward and stay tidy in possession. His final impressive stat is his 5.3 long balls per game which combined with Xhaka would give us a midfield that defensively tight yet release ELEVEN long balls per game.



Josh Simms for Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

Now this is really left field. You were expecting Thomas Lemar or Gelson Martins weren’t you but no, I’m giving you a 19 year old Southampton player. Ever since we played them in the FA Cup Josh Sims has been stuck in my head (not in a weird way). Despite us  demolishing them 5-0 he was a constant threat taking on defenders inside and out like a new ‘Raheem Sterling’. I’m convinced after this performance he’ll be one of the new ‘£50 mil Englishmen’ so must be gotten as soon as possible. If our own ‘Hampton grad Alex is to leave then let’s pluck this apple of the forever blossoming Southampton tree now as he won’t have complaints about starting at his age and start again. The OX at 20 and Sims have some similar offensive numbers which make him more appealing to. The Ox had 6 starts and 8 sub (525 mins) where he got ins to Sims’s 1 start and 6 sub ins (206 mins). Though the Ox got more goals and assists (2 goals 2 assists to 0 goals and 1 assist) Sims got less minutes and start. 0.4 key passes to Sims’s 0.3, 1.5 dribbles to Sims’s 1.3 dribbles, 1.9 dispossessed/bad controls to 1.8 from Sims. Both very similar similar numbers despite the Ox being at Arsenal for 3 years already. Sims would be a smart by from Arsenal rather than the 10s of millions the likes of Lemar would be and would also bolster the English homegrown lot in the squad.

Dijibril Sidibe for Hector Bellerin

Though I believe Tafari Moore really is due a chance we need to sort our immediate issues out now and Sidibe would the man to do so.  The Monaco man was due a move to the Emirates but wanted first team football. In all honesty it was a smart move: He won a Ligue Un title, got to the Champions League semifinal and became France’s No. 1 right back over our ‘beloved’ Bacary Sagna. Not only that but he established himself as one of the best right backs in the world. Meanwhile, Bellerin was in his way to losing his status as the future best right back in the world with his performances. This all accumulated in him supposedly ‘not being fit to wear the shirt’ and being replaced by Chamberlain who impressed at right wingback. Bellerin is still a class act and we don’t really need to sell him but if he were to go then Sidibe should be our immediate focus. Sidibe averaged a significantly higher number of tackles, interceptions and clearances though Bellerin is a safer defender being dribbled past less, winning more offsides and commuting a lot less fouls. Sidibe is definitely a better attacker since he beats Bellerin in all categories apart from dribbles offsides. If Bellerin, who I honestly believe is torn between his love for Barcalona and loyalty to Arsenal, leaves having the statically superior Sidibe come in would be the ideal signing.


These are my opinions on who should replace potential leavers but please let me know who you would have replace them.




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