Predicted FIFA 18 ratings the Arsenal squad in the 2017/18 season

Predicted FIFA 18 ratings the Arsenal squad in the 2017/18 season

With the world renowned video game back for another year it's that time of year…

Yes the time of year to predict your players too highly and get frustrated at things like 'why Hazard is still rated higher than Sanchez even though Sanchez has been better for years'…but whatever.

Player Name: Overall/Potential

Goal Keepers

Petr Cech-88/88
David Ospina-80/81

Say what you like about his penalty saving ability or his mistakes his save percentage is second only to Lloris in the league so deserves to keep his rating. David Ospina has been solid again so deserves his +1 in his overall

Full Backs

Mathieu Debuchy-77/77
Kieran Gibbs-78/78
Nacho Monreal-81/81
Hector Bellerin-81/88
Carl Jenkinson-73/75
Sead Kolasinac-80/85

There will probably be a lot of fullbacks leaving Arsenal. Jenkinson's potential drop, Debuchy's long due downgrade and Gibbs being Gibbs means they're now surplus to requirement. Bellerin should have been on an 83 this year but a poor year means more likely to be an 81. Alongside him, the ever consistent Monreal who should stay at an 81. The new signing Kolasinac after being in the Bundesliga TOTY and moving to Arsenal should boost his overall +3 and his potential +4.

Centre Backs

Per Mertesacker-80/80
Laurent Koscielny-86/86
Rob Holding-74/86
Shkodran Mustafi-84/87
Calum Chambers-77/86

A position of strength for Arsenal now and in the future. Mertesacker who is soon to retire should take a loss in overall from 82 to 80 whilst Koscielny needs to be recognised as a world class player and have a +1 to 86. Gabriel hasn't really proved anything this year whilst Mustafi's first year could have left him with an 85 bar a poor second half will probably with an 84. Also his 88 potential is a little to high for me too. As for the future, Holding and Chambers both deserve substantial upgrades since both are England U21's. Chambers largely out performed other young English centre backs like Stones, Keane and Middlesborough teammate Gibson and deserves a +5 upgrade on his overall. Holding proved his class in the 2nd half of the season and deserves AT LEAST a 74 rating. Both deserve a 86 potential in my eyes as they are among the best for there ages.

Wingers/Wide Men

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain-82/87
Alex Iwobi-76/86
Alexis Sanchez-89/89
Theo Walcott-82/82
Joel Campbell-77/80

Our wide men our strong on paper but not in actuality. Sanchez has proved he's among the world's best and fully deserves an 89 or more (nuff said) but more of a striker these days. Iwobi is also really more of a central player but will likely get a 76 LM card after an impressive start to last season before falling off. Theo Walcott is still pretty bad but his 19 goals in all competitions will probably earn him a +1 overall, whilst Joel 'rated by fans, scorned by Wenger' Campbell will probably be off. Finally the Ox, with the year left on his contract finally, 'truly' broke out last season which should pump his Ovr/Pot from 79/85 to 82/87.

Centre Midfield

Aaron Ramsey-83/86
Jack Wilshere-81/85
Mesut Ozil-88/88
Santi Cazorla-84/84
Jeff Reine-Adelaide-67/84
Granit Xhaka-83/87
Francis Coquelin-79/81
Mohammed Elneny-78/83

The midfield was the main source of troubles for Arsenal last season and takes a lot of hits. Dear old Santi Cazorla is so talented but it seems that his injure will begin to spell the end for his career hence the drop in overall. Coquelin has been poor this season so would likely drop some overall and potential, whilst Elneny and the Jeff just improve gradually as another year goes on. Jack had a disappointing season on loan, not leaving his mark despite his talent means he deserves a drop off too. Our end of season starting midfield pair, Ramsey and Xhaka both get 83's with Ramsey having 86 potential and Xhaka with 87 potential since they failed to live up to the hype of the past season but still show promise. Mesut simply wasn't near his 2015/16 standard so should lose -1 overall.


Alexandre Lacazette-87/88
Olivier Giroud-84/84
Danny Welbeck-80/83
Chuba Akpom-66/74

A low key strength of the Arsenal squad with a very versatile strike force. Record signing Lacazette should be and 87 (+2) after his incredible scoring exploits with 37 goals in 45 matches and a 3rd 20 goal season in Ligue 1. Olivier proved a vital quantity for Arsenal and France this past year becoming a top ten all time international scorer and scoring 12 goals from 11 starts for Arsenal. Danny didn't play enough or score enough to warrant a change whilst Lucas's shunning will probably lower his overall. Akpom is not a prospect anymore but not close the first team with Giroud and Lacazette in front and Nketiah and Malen behind he will have to get going or get gone.

These are my predictions but what do you think?


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